Chest Pain? Slow Down!


If you feel a sudden and heavy chest pain, it is never a good sign. One of the potential reasons for the pain is that your heart may be enlarged.

Cardiomegaly is the condition where the heart grows due to overexertion. The heart is a muscle, after all, and with prolonged overexertion, it will be forced to cope with the demand of blood-pumping action by growing larger to accommodate. This is not a good sign, as the is essentially forced to work double-time for the body’s sake.

If you feel a sudden chest pain and are in the middle of a grueling task, do not ignore this. Take it as a large red sign from your body to please stop, rest, and take it easy for a while. Ignoring this can be very dangerous, as cardiomegaly can lead to sudden death, and it does not discriminate among ages. It’s certainly better to be careful with your heart.

photo credit: pyrsokomos via photopin cc