Living with a Pacemaker


What is a pacemaker? This tiny electronic device is attached to your heart through surgery, and its electrodes placed in locations around your heart. Although the human heart itself does have its own native pacemaker, in some cases, it’s just not enough to keep the heart beating regularly. That’s where your electronic pacemaker comes in – it’s electrodes make sure your heart keeps beating in time by zapping it with tiny electric currents when it needs to keep up.

However, just what is life like with a pacemaker? What are the things a pacemaker-wearing person remember?

It’s not so much the greasy food they ought to be wary about as it is staying too close to strong electric or magnetic fields. The pull of these fields can cause your pacemaker to malfunction or even break, and you don’t want any of that. Most home appliances can be handled by a pacemaker wearer. It pays to have your pacemaker regularly checked, and always have your pacemaker make card on your person.

photo credit: via photopin cc