Greasy Food? Watch Out!

Last post, we talked about the potential pitfalls of chugging down one energy drink too many. Today, we’ll turn a critical eye on greasy food – the food we all love to hate, and sometimes just plain love.

Look at that pizza. That oily, crispy crust, the bubbling cheese, the tasty surprises hiding beneath it’s ever-loving molten dairy mantle. Admit it, you can smell it now, can you? Bet you’re getting hungry right now, too. I should know – I certainly am, and writing this isn’t helping me any.

If you love greasy food like I do – pizza, burgers, country-style deep-fried chicken, and so many more tempting dishes – you may want to go check on yourself every now and then. You might live for the heavenly gloss of fat on your lips, but eating this stuff on a daily basis isn’t doing your heart any favors. Just go easy on the deep-fried food, okay?

photo credit: rfduck via photopin cc