Avoid Heart Problems and Live Longer

In the United States, Heart disease is known to be the number one cause of death and disability of most women. Yes, it’s true. In fact, one out of women dies in heart disease, which is as twice as many deaths as of all cancers including breast. It is indeed the deadliest terrorist that had been a dilemma around the world.

Well, you can’t be a victim of this deadly disease if you start making your poor lifestyle change to a healthy one. Having a healthy lifestyle is given but there are other simple things that you can also do to be assured that your heart is working properly and will not fail.

• If you are stress, your heart does too. Deep breaths can relax and help relieve stress. Do it!
• Exercise is very important. Make it a regular habit or do anything that can increase your heart rate like running, swimming and so on.
• Go outdoors and get some fresh air.
• Eat healthy foods such as dark green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
• Taking vitamin supplements can help. Get some Vit B 12, Vit C, folic acid and iron as this can help prevent anemia and can increase red blood cell production, which is good for increasing oxygen levels as well.
• Get healthy balance diet and lose weight. Overweight women are more prone to heart diseases because their body carry extra weight and so does their hearts.

What the world needs to do in order to win the battle against heart problems is to settle their differences and communicate well.  Learn Thai, English, Filipino or other Languages and then think of a plan to prevent heart diseases.