Healthy Lifestyle for the Heart

If you are thinking of what vital part of your body is the hardest-working one, I must say it is your Heart. Your heart main jump is to pump blood. We can’t live without a heart. This is why it is important for us to know the good and bad things for it, to avoid the risk of getting heart disease. Here are some basic practices and lifestyle that can lead you on a healthier path.

• Engage on a cardiovascular exercise routine that designed to make your heart stronger. Walking for 30 minutes a day is a good idea, or you may consult your doctor for a plan.

Don’t eat too much fat. Limit yourself to about 10 percent of calories you take every day to prevent or slow down the progression of heart disease and lower your cholesterol.

• Avoid sodium intake as much as possible. Salty foods cause elevated sodium levels. Salty snacks and prepackaged meals are common culprits.

• Limit intake of cholesterol. Ideally don’t eat more than 10 milligrams of cholesterol a day. You can achieve this goal by adding more nonfat dairy items and egg whites into your diet in low amounts.

• Do not smoke, or if you do, quit now! Smoking constricts the arteries leading to your brain and heart, and that causes strokes and heart attacks.

• Drink alcoholic beverages moderately, ideally, not more than two ounces of alcohol each day.

Healthy Routine to Prevent Heart Disease

One of the most well known causes of death in many countries such as United States is Heart diseases. This illness happens both to men and women regardless of age and life status. Heart disease is a serious problem that covers a variety of cardiovascular conditions, including blood vessel diseases, coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, congenital heart defects and infections of the heart. You can lower the risk of getting heart disease by simply choosing a good lifestyle. Here are few ways to do a healthy routine.

1. Don’t smoke, or if you are already into it, make an effort on quitting. You can consult your doctor about medications and other smoking aids that can help you break your smoking habit. If possible, stay away and lessen your exposure to all tobacco products as it contains nicotine which can increase your risk of heart disease.

2. Regular exercise is not just for looking good. It is a must for you to be healthy, or you may want to consider taking an active lifestyle approach if you can’t find time to do it in your daily schedule (e.g. run, climb stair, walk)

3. Eat heart-healthy food. Pick one that is low in unhealthy fats and cholesterol. Also, take more foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as they offer protection from heart disease. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and opt for whole grains, it is an excellent source of fiber and contains nutrients that can help regulate blood pressure and improve overall heart health.

4. Take heart screenings regularly. Have blood pressure checked a minimum of every two years, or as frequent as necessary.

5. Learn to manage stress. Laugh everyday as it may lower blood pressure and heart rate, and may improve the lining of the blood vessels. Lastly, make sure you get enough sleep each night.

Elvis and His Heart

small__5745267568Once upon a song, Elvis Presley crooned that if his lady love were to leave him or not treat him right, she would soon see that he didn’t have a wooden heart. That was quite true, really, because one of the causes of his deaths, according to a pathologist, was that he had been living with an enlarged heart for most of his adult life.

Not, that doesn’t mean he was extra compassionate, although we’re sure that he was a very nice person.

Elvis suffered from Cardiomegaly, which, simply put, meant his heart became enlarged. Cardiomegaly happens when the heart has to put in double the work to keep the blood pumping. This puts the heart under so much pressure, that it compensates by growing larger over time. The heart is a muscle after all, and muscles will grow bigger with a lot of exertion put on it. This can be caused by too much stress from work or his environment, or a poor diet that can lead to clogged arteries.

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Chest Pain? Slow Down!


If you feel a sudden and heavy chest pain, it is never a good sign. One of the potential reasons for the pain is that your heart may be enlarged.

Cardiomegaly is the condition where the heart grows due to overexertion. The heart is a muscle, after all, and with prolonged overexertion, it will be forced to cope with the demand of blood-pumping action by growing larger to accommodate. This is not a good sign, as the is essentially forced to work double-time for the body’s sake.

If you feel a sudden chest pain and are in the middle of a grueling task, do not ignore this. Take it as a large red sign from your body to please stop, rest, and take it easy for a while. Ignoring this can be very dangerous, as cardiomegaly can lead to sudden death, and it does not discriminate among ages. It’s certainly better to be careful with your heart.

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Avoid Heart Problems and Live Longer

In the United States, Heart disease is known to be the number one cause of death and disability of most women. Yes, it’s true. In fact, one out of women dies in heart disease, which is as twice as many deaths as of all cancers including breast. It is indeed the deadliest terrorist that had been a dilemma around the world.

Well, you can’t be a victim of this deadly disease if you start making your poor lifestyle change to a healthy one. Having a healthy lifestyle is given but there are other simple things that you can also do to be assured that your heart is working properly and will not fail.

• If you are stress, your heart does too. Deep breaths can relax and help relieve stress. Do it!
• Exercise is very important. Make it a regular habit or do anything that can increase your heart rate like running, swimming and so on.
• Go outdoors and get some fresh air.
• Eat healthy foods such as dark green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
• Taking vitamin supplements can help. Get some Vit B 12, Vit C, folic acid and iron as this can help prevent anemia and can increase red blood cell production, which is good for increasing oxygen levels as well.
• Get healthy balance diet and lose weight. Overweight women are more prone to heart diseases because their body carry extra weight and so does their hearts.

What the world needs to do in order to win the battle against heart problems is to settle their differences and communicate well.  Learn Thai, English, Filipino or other Languages and then think of a plan to prevent heart diseases.

Living with a Pacemaker


What is a pacemaker? This tiny electronic device is attached to your heart through surgery, and its electrodes placed in locations around your heart. Although the human heart itself does have its own native pacemaker, in some cases, it’s just not enough to keep the heart beating regularly. That’s where your electronic pacemaker comes in – it’s electrodes make sure your heart keeps beating in time by zapping it with tiny electric currents when it needs to keep up.

However, just what is life like with a pacemaker? What are the things a pacemaker-wearing person remember?

It’s not so much the greasy food they ought to be wary about as it is staying too close to strong electric or magnetic fields. The pull of these fields can cause your pacemaker to malfunction or even break, and you don’t want any of that. Most home appliances can be handled by a pacemaker wearer. It pays to have your pacemaker regularly checked, and always have your pacemaker make card on your person.

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Greasy Food? Watch Out!

Last post, we talked about the potential pitfalls of chugging down one energy drink too many. Today, we’ll turn a critical eye on greasy food – the food we all love to hate, and sometimes just plain love.

Look at that pizza. That oily, crispy crust, the bubbling cheese, the tasty surprises hiding beneath it’s ever-loving molten dairy mantle. Admit it, you can smell it now, can you? Bet you’re getting hungry right now, too. I should know – I certainly am, and writing this isn’t helping me any.

If you love greasy food like I do – pizza, burgers, country-style deep-fried chicken, and so many more tempting dishes – you may want to go check on yourself every now and then. You might live for the heavenly gloss of fat on your lips, but eating this stuff on a daily basis isn’t doing your heart any favors. Just go easy on the deep-fried food, okay?

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